Ryan Shazier 50 Phenoms: Stories of the Human Spirit

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Ryan Shazier's 50 Phenoms: Stories of the Human Spirit

Ryan Shazier has always inspired us. Find out who inspires him.

It began as a devastating injury. It became an amazing recovery.

Ryan Shazier’s life forever changed on a Monday night in Cincinnati. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker suffered a severe spinal injury as he made a routine tackle, a stunning blow for the NFL star.

But Ryan wouldn’t let it be the end of his story. First in the hospital and then at home, Ryan grew stronger. There was walking, and working out, and dancing at his wedding.

Every day patients at UPMC are living their own comebacks, showing tenacity and grit. Follow along as Ryan shares these stories. Stories of people who didn’t take no for an answer, who kept fighting no matter the odds.

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Episode One: Showing Her Inner Drive

Paula Franetti grabbed the wheel and steered through a difficult road to recovery from a devastating car crash.


Paula Franetti